Học tiếng Anh: Thần đồng bóng rổ 4 tuổi ném trăm phát trúng cả trăm

Phần 1

MC: Come on, man, let’s go see a couple of …(1)… Let’s go over here first. All right, let me see the first one.

Titus: I can make it on here.

MC: Okay, well, let me put you up there, then. I’m gonna put you up there. Hold on. And let me see. Let me get a couple of …(2)…‘cause we might need a few …(3)…at this. But you’re gonna make it. So, what’s your first …(4)…?

Titus: I… I just want to do it right now.

MC: You just gonna do it. Ladies and gentlemen, Titus the …(5)…

Titus: Can I do it now?

MC: Huh?

Titus: Can I do it now?

MC: Yes, you can do it now. Okay, go …(6)… One more. One more. Titus, Titus, Titus! Bring down the trick-shot …(7)… 

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